Too Small Linen Closet Solution + $100 Lowe’s Giveaway

D7K_4656This month’s Lowes Creative Ideas Blog team member challenge was blogger’s choice. The pressure! This basically meant that Lowes Creative Ideas was giving us free reign. My house has been a disaster zone for the last several weeks (insert long story about carpet and closet doors and broken beds and sleeping on the floor here) and so I needed something that wouldn’t contribute to the chaos. I thought about making over my sister’s dining area, but finally decided to fix something in my own space.

We all have things about our houses that drive us nuts, right? You know…stuff you didn’t realize was going to be an issue until you actually moved in. For example, at my house there’s nowhere to put your (1) as to go in the garage, and that annoys me. Another thing that drives me nuts? My linen closet.

(And I’m not just talking about that hole from the doorstop up top courtesy of one of the boy children that lives here.)

Don’t get me wrong…my house is a nice size for the six of us and I’m grateful for it every day. But that linen closet? Ugh. WAY. TOO. a 2 story with all the bedrooms upstairs. This is the only storage space upstairs. We have some under porch storage in the basement, but that’s way way way not convenient. There’s no way you can fit towels and sheets for six in that closet, let alone the “extra” stuff (deodorant, hairspray, light bulbs, etc.) that needs to be stored upstairs. So, I needed a solution.

D7K_4657I picked up this cabinet several (like nine) years ago. It was very country red and very much no longer my style, but I knew it had some potential, so I decided to make it over. I put Keller and a friend to work removing the hinges and knobs.

And then I went nuts with 2 of my favorites:

Valspar spray paint in Exotic Sea Gloss and Minwax stain in Provincial.

Spray paint tip: Start with your piece upside down. Get all the parts that you won’t be able to see/reach once it’s right side up and then flip it over so you don’t have to try to maneuver it when the whole thing is sticky and covered in wet paint.

D7K_4652 D7K_4653 D7K_4655


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Interior Closet Door Opening - Carpenter Needed?

I have a house where the closet door opening is 46x80 (2) and I am unable to find bi fold or any closet dooring that would fit in this opening. HD and Lowes carry a 24x80, but that would be 2 inches too wide. Any suggestions on how to install doors or where to find some that would fit this?
There are no doors on it currently, it was a foreclosure I purchased and am rehabbing. I do not want to tear apart the door framing.

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  • Avatar broklee rob Sliding closet doors..... how much?
    Jan 11, 2009 by broklee rob | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to replace my current closet doors with 2 sliding mirror doors. The exact measurement of my closet is 75" x 95". Because of my lack of knowledge on these things, I am afraid of getting ripped off. So before I go talking to any salesmen, I would like to get an idea of how much this would cost. Any ideas? Any suggestions? (PS: I live in NYC).

    • As others have said, call Home Depot or Lowes, you've got 2 HD's in Manhattan & others in the surrounding boroughs. Lowes is less populated & none that I know of in Manhattan yet.

      Any installations …ng for their top installation contractor, you will have a better chance of not having any problems later.

      However, if you don't mind a floor track, it would be possible to use a bottom tracked door system.