6 Closet Door DIY Projects

Closet Door DIY - Mirred ClosetThere’s the big stuff—renovations, major appliances, new suites of furniture—any of which can make an obvious impact in your home. But don’t overlook the little features as well, like cabinet pulls, light switches, and unexpectedly, closet doors.

I mean, simply having closet doors shut has to look better than the evil that lurks behind, but with so many easy and inexpensive makeover ideas out there (most of these cost less than $35), why not take a couple minutes to explore how other DIYers have transformed their closet doors?

Mirrored closet doors, so popular during the 70s and 80s, are the bane of renters everywhere. These doors may make your room look bigger, but they will never make it look better. That is, unless you to the glass for a whole ‘nother vibe altogether.

Closet Door DIY - Paint Pattern

A coat of paint will do wonders, but a created with blue painter’s tape is something else, indeed.

Janet lives in a tiny NYC apartment but still managed to create serious with an inexpensive, temporary solution: 3M adhesive strips and canvas stretcher bars.

Kandiego moved into a new home with solid wood doors in horrible condition. To cover the holes, scratches, and paint splatters, she simply tacked up inexpensive from the discount store. Imagine what other thin, inexpensive materials could be easily attached.

Abby gave her dull wood doors a permanent upgrade by attaching wood casing (trim) to her bifold doors and applying a fresh coat of paint. The result? Faux five-panel doors for about $30 each. This super simple project yields .

You can disguise the closet completely—and put it to good use—by turning it into a surface for art with . Go for it!

Closet Door DIY - Trim Closet Door DIY - Bamboo Mats Closet Door DIY - Board and Batten Closet Door DIY - Chalkboard Paint

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Where to get narrow closet doors?

All of the closet doors in my new house are about 1 1/2 feet wide and are "window shutter" style. Not only do I hate them, but now that I'm re-decorating the place, the doors don't match and I'll have to paint them...which will be a pain since they have those slats up the entire length. I'd rather just replace them.
Anyone have ideas of what would look nice and where to get them? My house was built in 1910 and I'd like to stick to things that look like they may be from 1910-1940s

Decorating opinions

Hi girls,
I want to paint my walls in my room a very light yellow color. There are two problems though.
1)we have popcorn stucco ceilings and I can't figure out how to paint right up to them.
2) one whole wall is a closet. Should I stop painting at the closet doors or paint the inside of the closet too? Thanks for your ideas or suggestions.


Store out of season clothes under bed in suitcases. Have a paper list of what is in which suitcase. Number them or color code them. Store extra hats, gloves, dressier clothes, etc that are not used every day in another suitcase under the bed.
For the closet: You can have for example the left side for long clothes and the right side for short clothes. Under the short clothes hang a heavy duty rope or clothesline in the middle and another the same length on the right end. In between place a broom stick or strong clothes pole. Make sure it is secure. Hang another set of short clothes underneath

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