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How to Fix Bi-Fold Closet Doors with Mensch with a Wrench

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Bi-fold closet doors are one of the biggest annoyances in any home. In Chicago or the suburbs, an apartment or a mansion if you have bi-fold doors they have almost certainly broken at one time or another. In this segment, Chicago handyman Michael Goldstein, aka the Mensch with a Wrench, explains exactly how to trouble-shoot those pesky doors.

For this project you’ll need:

  • Phillips and Flat-tip screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Bi-fold door repair kit

Here’s how:

  1. Remove closet doors.
  2. Remove old track.
  3. Install new track.
  4. Insert foot of door into guide and line up in top track
  5. Adjust accordingly.

Remember, once all the parts are new and working, it’ll take some trial and error to get it working perfectly. Just be patient with the adjustments and your doors will work exactly how they’re supposed to, what a concept!


Stanley Hardware Stanley Hardware 72-Inch Bifold Set #402064
Home Improvement (Stanley Hardware)
  • Designed for 1-inch thick panels; total width of 72 inches
  • Supports 2 doors weighing up to 30 pounds each
  • White finish
  • Includes a pair of snuggers, top pivots, guide wheels, bottom pivots, hinges, knobs and aligners

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Trying to fix bi-fold closet door

I have a townhouse, where the washer and dryer are in a closet type space in my kitchen. There are bi-fold louvre (sp?) doors to isolate the appliances from the rest of the room. I recently had the kitchen remodeled and replaced those doors, having them stained to match the kitchen cabinets. The problem: when the washer and dryer are on it's very noisy in the kitchen, to the point that it's hard to talk. I was wondering if somebody would know of any sound proofing material that I could glue or screw in the back of those doors to keep the noise down (it has to be light and thin, so the doors will still open)

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  • Avatar broklee rob Sliding closet doors..... how much?
    Jan 11, 2009 by broklee rob | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to replace my current closet doors with 2 sliding mirror doors. The exact measurement of my closet is 75" x 95". Because of my lack of knowledge on these things, I am afraid of getting ripped off. So before I go talking to any salesmen, I would like to get an idea of how much this would cost. Any ideas? Any suggestions? (PS: I live in NYC).

    • As others have said, call Home Depot or Lowes, you've got 2 HD's in Manhattan & others in the surrounding boroughs. Lowes is less populated & none that I know of in Manhattan yet.

      Any installations …ng for their top installation contractor, you will have a better chance of not having any problems later.

      However, if you don't mind a floor track, it would be possible to use a bottom tracked door system.