Interior Bifold Doors

Bifold DoorAn outward folding door, Bifold doors (or Bi-fold doors), like pocket doors, are commonly used in passageways or closets where space is at a premium. Interior Bifold doors consist of two narrow door panels that are hinged together. An overhead bifold track keeps the hinged panels aligned when opened or closed. A two door bifold consists of two hinged panels. A four door bifold is used in larger openings -usually 4 to 8 feet wide- and includes two 2-Door Bifolds that part to the left and right leaving the center wide open.

More about Interior Bifold doors:

  • Typical applications include closets, pantries, and laundry rooms, but Bifold doors can be used anywhere that space or clearance issues dictate greater flexibility.
  • Bifold doors come in numerous materials including wood, MDF, and molded panels.
  • Bifolds are also available with many kinds of inserts: decorative glass, mirrors, and louvers.
  • Bifold closet doors can be tailored to most any opening size and are purchased in 2-Door Bifold or 4-Door Bifold sets.
  • Compared to hinged passage doors, Bifold closet doors make it easy to reveal a large opening with little clearance.


Stanley Hardware Stanley Hardware 72-Inch Bifold Set #402064
Home Improvement (Stanley Hardware)
  • Designed for 1-inch thick panels; total width of 72 inches
  • Supports 2 doors weighing up to 30 pounds each
  • White finish
  • Includes a pair of snuggers, top pivots, guide wheels, bottom pivots, hinges, knobs and aligners

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That is what is seems to make most sense. A few pieces together in random places around the room, a few people have told me that. I think the "mini-scene" would be cutest and less random/ blob-y. Lol.
You think each mini-scene should be at different heights around the room? Not all like mid-height...
We still have to paint our old, ugly wooden bifold closet doors. That is my new project to tackle. DH has to hang the new ceiling fan, and hang the curtain rod and valance.
Thanks for the tips! I am going to arrange them tonite and snap some pics and see what yall think

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  • Avatar yoga guy Louvered, bifold closet doors...?
    Sep 27, 2007 by yoga guy | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I want to replace sliding closet doors with the bifold type of doors. How hard are these to install? I'm a bit of a do it yourselver but by no means am I a pro. Is this something I should attempt to do myself? Are there tips or suggestions or things to be aware of before I attempt this project? Any advice about measuring or installation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...

    • They require a track and are not terribly hard to install Just follow the package directions and ask the sales persons for additional tips. Measure the opening carefully and make sure your new doors fully closed are not to wide or narrow.