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John Deere uses big Schweiss hydraulic door to get equipment in and out of shop in a hurry

Gene Seipel of Midwest Machinery in Sauk Rapids built a huge 100' x 200' shop that includes a 30' x 18' Schweiss Hydraulic door covered with a special pressed steel/foam panel...that provides neat appearance and is super energy efficient.
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Costa Rican Ultra-Light sightseeing business loves its Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold Hangar door

Owner of a Costa Rican Ultra-Lite sightseeing business, Georg Kiechle and partner Phil Kislak, decided that a new 12' x 44' Schweiss door with Lift Straps was the answer for their new hangar in Costa Rica.
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Schweiss Doors designs special bifold “roof door” for huge sandblasting chamber

SMS Millcraft in Oil City, PA needed a 20' x 30' retractable roof to place on the top of their huge sandblasting chamber, With limited overhead space and questions about how to make it work, they took the challenge to Schweiss and were "100% pleased" with the result.
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Bifold door on Hangar in Costa RicaSan Francisco Architects choose Schweiss Bifold doors for their own office

Sagan Piechota Architecture in California chose to use two 12' x 9' Bifold doors as the entrance / awning for their San Francisco based office building. The doors provide security to the building for after hours of the business day and also add appeal to the buildings entrance during work hours.
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New York’s ING Cafe brightened up with Schweiss glass designer bifold doors

The ING Direct Cafe in New York wanted a storefront that opened their business up to the public. Schweiss worked with this customer to manufacture two custom-designed glass bifolds to make their ideas a reality.
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You’d have to see it to see it. Very unique hangar home has lifting wall porch

Daniel Shaw approached Schweiss with a unique idea for his 3, 000 sq. ft. hangar-home. " wanted a hangar home that didn't look like a hangar, " said Dan. And Schweiss had the answer for him.

bifold door on snad blasting chamber two bifold doors for opffice entryway glass bifold doors line exterior of ny restaurant New York lake home with 4 bifold garage doors


Stanley Hardware Stanley Hardware 72-Inch Bifold Set #402064
Home Improvement (Stanley Hardware)
  • Designed for 1-inch thick panels; total width of 72 inches
  • Supports 2 doors weighing up to 30 pounds each
  • White finish
  • Includes a pair of snuggers, top pivots, guide wheels, bottom pivots, hinges, knobs and aligners

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Yeah- generally speaking, they are really only

You simply don't have *any* room to swing a standard door or to operate a bifold, or the opening is too small for a bypass unit to work and there's no room for the other options.
In the case of a 6' opening, you would need an additional 36" (door width)+ 4" (for the frame) on each side, or 112" of total free wall space to start with to install pocket doors.

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