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Style 6222 - 2.1/2' ' fixed plantation louver bifold closet doorsThe choice between installing bifold doors and sliding closet doors depends on a few different factors. The use of the closet, the space around the closet, and, of course, your personal preference, are all considerations.

What is the difference between bifold doors and sliding closet doors? The first thing to do is to look at how these two types of doors function. Bifold doors, just as the name implies, are a pair doors that are hinged together and fold up together. This means that you can take all of the doors and fold them up to the sides so that they are out of the way and you have almost full access to your closet. With sliding closet doors the doors slide back and forth on multiple tracks and can be stacked up, one in front of the others. Since the doors never fold out of the way, fully exposing the entire area, there will always be some part of the closet blocked.

What is in your closet? Will the closet be for clothes, storage of seasonal items, or used as a pantry? If you will only need to get to one part of the closet at any time then a sliding or a bifold will work well for you. If you need full access to the closet, or you just want to be able to open the doors and see everything at once, then bifold doors are your best choice. Keep in mind that sliding doors can be removed if you should need full access once in a while.

What is around your closet? Is there limited space around your closet? Is there the concern that if you open up the doors they might hit furniture or artwork on your walls? Do you want a streamline fit, rather then doors folding out into the room? If this is the case then sliding closet doors are probably your best option.

Which do you prefer? Another point, just as important as those mentioned above is, simply put, which do you prefer? Even if one of the door installation types is not completely ideal for you, it may still be worth it if you really like the look enough. Regardless of which track hardware you choose, you can still pick whichever style of door you like the most. Every style of door that we offer can be mounted with hardware for either bifold doors or sliding doors .


Masonite '' 6-Panel Textured Hardboard 1-3/8'' Bifold Door
Home Improvement (Masonite)
  • 32 width
  • 79 height
  • 1 3/8 thickness
  • White Primed

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Yeah- generally speaking, they are really only

You simply don't have *any* room to swing a standard door or to operate a bifold, or the opening is too small for a bypass unit to work and there's no room for the other options.
In the case of a 6' opening, you would need an additional 36" (door width)+ 4" (for the frame) on each side, or 112" of total free wall space to start with to install pocket doors.

Snavely International Bi-fold Door, Louver Louver Plantation 1x32x80
Home (Snavely International)
  • Vertical grain high quality doors
  • Wide 2 slats
  • Hardware included
  • Add the beauty and warmth of wood to your home
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Masonite Bi-Fold Door 2 Panel Repair Kit
Home Improvement (Masonite)
  • Repair Kit for Bi-fold Door
  • Fits a 7/8in. wide track system
  • Repairs a 3/8in. diameter system
  • Easy to Repair

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  • Avatar yoga guy Louvered, bifold closet doors...?
    Sep 27, 2007 by yoga guy | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I want to replace sliding closet doors with the bifold type of doors. How hard are these to install? I'm a bit of a do it yourselver but by no means am I a pro. Is this something I should attempt to do myself? Are there tips or suggestions or things to be aware of before I attempt this project? Any advice about measuring or installation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...

    • They require a track and are not terribly hard to install Just follow the package directions and ask the sales persons for additional tips. Measure the opening carefully and make sure your new doors fully closed are not to wide or narrow.