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Of interior bifold door is

“I have a closet with a 70" opening and sliding doors and would LOVE to replace them with these bi-folds. I looked at the hardware on the website, but am not sure what size panels I need or where to get them....please advise!! Thanks!!”

“This hardware just uses standard bifold doors. You should be able to find a similar door to this at your local lumberyard.”

“custom doors. Can I find them somewhere else?”

“folding closet doors - fold flat”

“Bi-fold doors get out of the way & aren't fussy like drapes wld be”

“Folding door pushed against the wall”

“Full access bi fold doors for closets”


Masonite '' 6-Panel Textured Hardboard 1-3/8'' Bifold Door
Home Improvement (Masonite)
  • 32 width
  • 79 height
  • 1 3/8 thickness
  • White Primed

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Yeah- generally speaking, they are really only

You simply don't have *any* room to swing a standard door or to operate a bifold, or the opening is too small for a bypass unit to work and there's no room for the other options.
In the case of a 6' opening, you would need an additional 36" (door width)+ 4" (for the frame) on each side, or 112" of total free wall space to start with to install pocket doors.

Snavely International Bi-fold Door, Louver Louver Plantation 1x32x80
Home (Snavely International)
  • Vertical grain high quality doors
  • Wide 2 slats
  • Hardware included
  • Add the beauty and warmth of wood to your home
Final Installation of a Bi-Fold Door
Final Installation of a Bi-Fold Door
Masonite Bi-Fold Door 2 Panel Repair Kit
Home Improvement (Masonite)
  • Repair Kit for Bi-fold Door
  • Fits a 7/8in. wide track system
  • Repairs a 3/8in. diameter system
  • Easy to Repair

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