100RD Hardware for Multiple Bifold Doors

Johnson Hardware 100RD for Bifold Doors

The 100RD hardware for bifold doors is identical in the parts to the 100FD except it is designed for multiple sets of bifold doors. The 100RD series is a commercial grade track hardware for interior doors up to 50 lbs each and up to 24" in width and 108" in height. This hardware allows for openings to have up to 6 interior doors hinged together for a total of 12 interior doors within the opening. Maximum Door Width: 24" Maximum Door Height: 108" Maximum Door Weight: 50 lbs. Maximum Number of Doors: 12 - 6 folding left and 6 folding right The 100RD series hardware for multiple bifold doors comes as 2 different sets. Set A attaches to the outer sets of bifold doors that mount to the jamb. Set B attaches to the inner bifold doors. Set A Set B Set A attaches to the outer sets of bifold doors that are mounted to the jamb. Set B attaches to the those sets of bifold doors that are not mounted to the jamb. Set A Set B Set A Set B
Photos courtesy of Johnson Hardware

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That will look like crap

Bifold doors are usually made up with rails and stiles . If you rip down the stiles you will have a door that looks like a hack job . Plus if you were to rip 1" off each door you would need to rip 1/2" off each stile of each door and you would still be left with a door that doesnt look proportionate . Do not cut 1" off 1 side as you suggest . You would also then be redoing the hinge mortises and hardware . Too much work for little return .

Johnson Prod. Dull Brass Hinge
Home Improvement (Johnson Prod.)
  • l E Johnson #1805PPK2 2 Bi-Fold DR Hinge
Johnson Prod. Johnson Prod. 1601218P 100% Full Access Folding Door Hardware Set
Home Improvement (Johnson Prod.)
  • 100% full access folding door hardware set
  • Uniquely functioning set of hinged folding door hardware
  • Complete jamb to jamb access to closet opening
  • Doors fold out and lay flat against the wall
  • Trims like a swinging door
Hager 9861 60" Heavy Duty Aluminum Box Track and Hardware
BISS (Hager Companies)
  • For doors 1-3/8 -1-3/4 (35mm-44mm) thick
  • Up to 125 lbs (57 kg) per panel bifold
  • Up to 75 lbs (34 kg) per panel multifold
  • Universal extruded aluminum track interchanges with Stanley and Johnson track and hangers
  • Hangers have 1 (25 mm) diameter wheels

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