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“How do the doors latch closed? Do the knobs function or act as pulls?”

“Hello, I'm switching my sliding closet doors”

“makes the closet doors? Thanks.”

“What size are these doors? I need 8ft doors and wonder if the number of panels on the door would work out well for me. Thanks.”

“Hi, For a 1 panel 7 foot high bedroom door - I would like to use a round knob. Would you suggest a square or”

“What are the dimension of base and door trim/casings? What material are they made of (wood, MDF, poplar)? And what's the color and finish of the paint you used?”

“Where do you purchase all your door hardware from?”

“What is the color of the doors and trim?”

“How much does the closet doors cost?”

“how each door will look before we fabricate the doors. ( I would guess these doors in your above photo are 6'8 or 7'0 tall only and about 2'6 or 2'8" wide. (The handles on doors are usually set a 36" so you can ballpark the doors off of that as a little tip). I wonder how yours turned


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Bifold Closet Door

For the first 15 years that I had a computer I used two pieces of old hollow wooden bifold closet doors across the tops of two two-drawer file cabinets. They made a great desk. The closet doors were free and the file cabinets were also give-aways from a business that closed. The height was just right. The only thing I paid for was four large chimney flue units from the building supply. On their sides on top of the desk at each end they provided nice cubby holes for storage and supported one half of another bifold closet door as a shelf. it was a great set-up

Closet door options

We just replaced our carpet with handscraped laminate and when the installers took off the track, it was old and crumbled. Now we don't have our mirrored closet doors back on and I have a couple options:
1. Get bifold shutters - better access to closet and updated look (and fixes my Feng Shui "issue" that my Friend commented on becuase my bed is facing a mirror. These are expensive and may make the small room feel smaller becuase the mirrors add a perception of a larger space. Replacing both my closets with these will cost over $400.
2. Buy replacement bottom tracks at Lowes special order for about $5 per foot for a total of $50 and ignore the annoying Feng Shui comment

Bi fold closet doors,measuring

Okay I have screwed uop more than once, but only once on the doors!
I want to put bifold doors on my closets,
one opening measures 46 1/4 x 79, so vinyl is out. (yeah I know el cheapo)
so wood is my option.
The store has 24" x 80, I gather buy 2 sets, and there is enough room to cut down the 5/8 (?) ea side?
Yup I am a girl!

Safety 1st Safety 1st Bi-Fold Door Lock with Multi-Purpose, Custom Fit Straps (6 Pack)
Baby Product (Safety 1st)
  • Child-resistant lock stays out of your child s reach
  • Fits standard bi-fold doors
  • Ideal for laundry rooms and closets
  • Dual-press release
  • Adjustable length for various items
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L.E. johnson 100FD Commercial Grade Bi-Fold Door Hardware (72" - 4 Door System)
Home Improvement (L.E. johnson)
  • Heavy Duty Bi-fold Closet Door Hardware Kit For 1 3/8 & 1 3/4 Thick Doors
  • 75 pound Capacity, per Door Panel. 1 panel is considered 1 door
  • Heavy gauge steel pivot components hold heavy doors securely in place
  • Heavy-duty tricycle hangers distribute weight equally and support heavy solid core door panels
  • 2-piece non-mortise hinge enables door panels to be installed or removed by simply lifting off
Murphy Door Inc. 4' Murphy Door Knotty Alder STAINED
Home (Murphy Door Inc.)
  • These beautiful bookshelves also serve as a hidden door, Secret passage or Panic Room
  • Use to cover unfinished rooms or make usable wall space from closet door openings
  • Solid wood Bifold Bookshelf,
  • Secret Door, Hidden passage, folding bookshelf, closet door, panic room door, pantry door.

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