Bifold Closet Doors – The Tips to Renovate

Bifold Closet Doors largeThis is the simplest tips for the option when you want to renovate bifold closet doors. First, what you are going to do is paint over the existing finish on the doors. Before painting, you have to sand and wipe down the doors so that the paint is able to stick and recover better enough.

For reducing the amount of drips, you should remove the bifold closet doors and lay on the floor or a flat surface when painting. You can apply attractive wallpaper on the flat portions of the doors. You can choose several model or color of wallpaper at the local store. Finally, don not missed to stick over the wallpaper with a clear sealer to secure it.

Bi-fold Closet Doors

A bi-fold closet door is a kind of closet door composed of hinged panels. For opening the door, it is pushed to one side so that causing the panels to fold flat alongside one another. Commonly, bi-fold closet doors are being used on closets to simply cover up the contents inside.

Bifold Closet Doors for laundry roomBecause they fold up rather than swing out when opened, these doors can be used in very small spaces. These doors are more compact and require less space to open rather than other form doors, such as swinging doors. If these bi-fold doors fold open, they will offer a larger space for you to enter the closet. These things have a bottom bracket with a hinge pin that become the door securing. The styles of these doors are several such as metal and glass doors. These kinds of styles can be used in the construction of bi-fold doors. Wood style is most popular used in society because it has reasonable price today. Those are the further information about bi-fold closet doors.


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Bifold Closet Door

For the first 15 years that I had a computer I used two pieces of old hollow wooden bifold closet doors across the tops of two two-drawer file cabinets. They made a great desk. The closet doors were free and the file cabinets were also give-aways from a business that closed. The height was just right. The only thing I paid for was four large chimney flue units from the building supply. On their sides on top of the desk at each end they provided nice cubby holes for storage and supported one half of another bifold closet door as a shelf. it was a great set-up

Closet door options

We just replaced our carpet with handscraped laminate and when the installers took off the track, it was old and crumbled. Now we don't have our mirrored closet doors back on and I have a couple options:
1. Get bifold shutters - better access to closet and updated look (and fixes my Feng Shui "issue" that my Friend commented on becuase my bed is facing a mirror. These are expensive and may make the small room feel smaller becuase the mirrors add a perception of a larger space. Replacing both my closets with these will cost over $400.
2. Buy replacement bottom tracks at Lowes special order for about $5 per foot for a total of $50 and ignore the annoying Feng Shui comment

Bi fold closet doors,measuring

Okay I have screwed uop more than once, but only once on the doors!
I want to put bifold doors on my closets,
one opening measures 46 1/4 x 79, so vinyl is out. (yeah I know el cheapo)
so wood is my option.
The store has 24" x 80, I gather buy 2 sets, and there is enough room to cut down the 5/8 (?) ea side?
Yup I am a girl!

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