Bi Fold Door Materials: Aluminium vs. PVCu vs. Timber

The choice of Bi Fold Door Materials can have a massive impact on your project. Which material is best when it comes to Bi Fold Doors? Aluminium, PVCu, Timber?

As an industry insider I regularly check out the independent review websites like and to see what customers are talking about.

Although I enjoy reading good reviews about UKBifold, the main purpose is to try and learn about what customers need to know in relation to Bi Fold Doors.

The common theme throughout the long forum threads is that the general public already know which material is the most suitable for Bi Fold Doors but they also realize that it usually costs more.

So the comparison below is really just my attempt at answering the many questions customers have and hopefully clarifying some of the myths.

Lets compare….

Bi Fold Door Materials - PVCu Bi Fold Doors

A little history – This material is a relative newcomer when it comes to the manufacture of Bi Fold Doors.

In 2008/9 the plastic window industry was at commodity stage and financially things were very tough. Lots of companies closed down.

For those remaining companies the growing popularity of the Bi Fold Door were viewed by many as a possible saviour for the industry.

Before I tell you my personal experience of PVCu Bi Fold Doors I should say that today’s Plastic B iFold Door is a better product than it was back in 2009. And many of the initial issues have been improved to the point where they now represent a valid option. Mainly on the grounds that they are much much cheaper than Aluminium or Hardwood Bi Fold Doors .

In 2008 we were ourselves making around 400 Rehau PVCu Window Frames per week. We looked very closely at the possibilities of making PVCu Bi Folds.

As an ex Window Fitter I have always looked at products from an installers viewpoint. And something told me that PVCu Bi Folds were going to provide some challenges for Installers. (and customers)

The first thing I noticed was that the width of the profiles were, lets say erm… “chunky”.

Added to this was the fact that the maximum panel width was 900mm which meant that you were left with a lot of plastic on view and not a lot of glass!

Thresholds were also a real problem for customers that wanted a seamless transition between inside and outside spaces as at the time you were looking at 130mm of Plastic to bury.

So we had a serious question to be answered. We had lots of spare capacity in our state of the art PVCu factory and no doubt could have made and sold lots of PVCu Bi Folds.

Since then we have sold over 4000 Bi Fold Doors throughout the UK. Not one of them has been made from PVCu

Bi Fold Door Materials - Timber Bi Fold Doors

There is something truly beautiful about hardwood. It really is hard to beat the natural feel of a wooden product.

Many times over the years we have considered manufacturing or even buying in a quality Timber Bi Fold Door.

Solarlux have a fabulous engineered timber Bi Fold Door and if its Timber you want then you will not go wrong with this German company’s offering.

We have even visited their factory in Bissendorf with a view to partnering with them as they do not manufacture in the UK.

Bi Fold Door material comparison table


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