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Browse By Door Type Sun Mountain manufactures and distributes doors to fit all applications or positions in the home—called door "types". Find your perfect door by browsing our selection of the following door types:

Sometimes called "passage doors" (indicating passage between interior rooms or into closets), wood interior doors add natural beauty and warmth to the home. Custom interior doors do not have the same pre-finishes, or security requirements as exterior wood doors. View doors...

Exterior wood doors, sometimes called "entry doors", are often more decorative and ornate, have more durable weather resistant pre-finishes, and are generally stronger and more secure than interior wood doors. View doors...

Wood fire doors are required by building code for most commercial applications. Many of our door styles, with door thickness greater than 1-3/4", can be engineered as Fire Doors, rated at 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes. View doors...

Bi-Fold doors are door pairs, hinged in the middle, that slide on a track and open and close in an "accordion" fashion. These wood bifold doors are most often used for interior closet or pantry door applications. View doors...

Sun Mountain distributes industry leading folding door systems from Centor Architectural. These systems allow full size/weight doors, manufactured by Sun Mountain, to slide and fold in an "accordion" fashion, creating large openings and seamless transitions between rooms-including between indoor and outdoor spaces. View doors...

Many of our Sun Mountain door styles can be installed as sliding doors, with "hanging" and sliding hardware and tracks. Sometimes these door systems are called "bi-pass doors" or "pocket doors", sliding into the wall frame openings. View doors...


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I just built some pretty cool dividers for a flower shop.
I took several old wooden exterior house doors, some with glass and some without. I screwed regular door hinges to both sides and built a bifold / accorian wall.
We painted the windows over and it turned out really neat and the doors were free at the dump.

I'd go with something else but Habitat for Human

Is a great place to look for that, too. Look for louvered shutters or bifold doors that will block some of the wind but still allow for air flow. Glass or plexi can also magnify the suns rays and burn the plants if you aren't careful. Glass, plexi and bug screen also block some of the beneficial UVA/UVB rays.

If you have a fireplace enclosure:

Like the sliding or bifold glass doors to cover it, then personally I would just get a real long duration very hot fire going in there as long as the chimney is clean and good to go. Keep the doors closed, and the side or bottom vents open.
After 2-3 fires if it's not all gone or if it's all flaked up it should come off fairly easy with a putty knife or wire wheel.

Replacing Sliding Glass Doors: …
Replacing Sliding Glass Doors: …

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