Step-by-Step Overview of Instructions

These illustrations are to be used as an overview guide. Fully detailed instruction manuals are shipped with each Bifold door with step-by-step instructions.

Position the door near the building opening.
Schweiss Bifold Door frame shown in two pieces

Slide top half and bottom half together

Make sure the top half and bottom half of the door frame line up with each other.

Install the hinge pins into each hinge location

Door sections are now connected together.

Hinge Pin

Attach straps and safety shield to lift drums. Route the straps up and around the top attachments and secure to the strap tighteners.

Close up of Schweiss Bifold hanger Door FrameInstall the electrical system to the door frame.

Top Attachments

Strap Tighteners

Closeup of Schweiss Bifold Door Frame.

Position the door squarely in front of the rough opening on your building.

Special Note: Building Sheeting

New Construction: Leave the building sheeting off around the doors opening, until the door had been completely installed.

Existing Structure: Remove the building sheeting off around the doors opening, until the door had been completely installed.

Use the proper sized forklift to elevate your door into position.
The door will weigh roughly 5 lbs. per square foot plus any options added to the door.

Safety First:
Be sure that your forklift is rated to lift the full weight of the door.
Always carry the loads within the forklifts manufacturer recommended capacity.
Secure the door to the forklift with chains to make sure the door will not fall.

Schweiss Bifold hanger Door Frame with StrapsKeep the door secure to the forklift with chains until the door has been securely fastened to the building structure.

With crane lifting Schweiss Bifold Door into place, lift and move the door forward into the opening until the door frame is in the door opening.

Maintain a 3" space between the finished floor and the bottom of your door frame. Use blocking to maintain a 3" space. Lower the door onto the blocks.

Square both sides of the door and flush within the face of the building.

Secure the top half and bottom of the door to the building structure.
The top of the door frame must be square and level.
Secure the top attachment (Hinges) to the building with a through bolt.

Schweiss Bifold Door is mounted in place.

Take time to check the door over.
Make sure all bolts and through bolts and cotter keys are all in place.

It is time to cycle the door.

The door will open or close by pressing the button on the control station.


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That isn't necessarily an issue and they can

Boon in areas with little space for using other solutions...
for example- like a pocket door, a barn-style slider can work great in areas where you can't swing a standard door or a bifold would still stick out too far when open (like in a narrow hallway or similar alcove)...and in places like that where some existing in-wall items like pipes or wiring make a standard pocket frame installation cost prohibitive or impossible, as long as you have enough flat wall space next to it for the door to operate in, you can still have the benefit of a completely unobstructed opening with the door open

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