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I love this blog day at the DIY Show Off! I finished up the bi-fold doors. Finally! Only they’re not bi-fold doors anymore! Woo hoo!

The doors before:

But they were still functioning as bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors are a great space saver in hallways or for laundry rooms, but not necessary in a bedroom. I wanted them to function as French doors. Super easy to do!

(Dressing Room Sneak Peek!)

Closets Before had curtains for a few years – I hated that wood tone that much!


How to:

The doors were installed as usual in the outer corners. (My doors only have an upper track, the bottom is held in place with a bracket in the corners on the floor – no slider on the floor.)

Remove plastic that keeps the door on track from the upper inner corner. (The upper outer one near the wall will stay in the original track, remove the other top inner plastic.) Mine look like this:

Measure where the door closes and magnetic hardware will need to be place for doors to close and catch.

Start with pilot holes.

Install metal cupboard door hardware (the ‘catch’ piece) onto the track itself, so it hangs down to meet where the magnetic piece is going to be placed on the actual door.

Attach the other piece of the magnetic cupboard door hardware to the door itself, making sure that it lines up with the metal piece on the track so it will catch and stay closed. (Mark and drill pilot holes first.)

These are perfect for keeping the closet doors closed and so easy. Best of all – it doesn’t alter the door itself so if the day comes when you want bi-fold doors again, no problem. Repeat for all doors (4 in our case).

Three on each door near the top, in the middle and on the bottom.


Drill pilot holes.


Now the doors don’t fold anymore – but can be easily turned back to bi-fold doors. Permanent for only as long as you want them to be permanent.

Door knobs are from Hobby Lobby (1/2 off of $5.99 each!!!)

Big improvement!

Since this is my dressing room, I liked the freedom to get creative.

“S” hooks make belts/scarves and accessories easy to find. {Don’t you hate forgetting what you actually do own because you can’t see it or find it?}

I love that they open out, instead of fold. I love the new paint job and pretty knobs. And I love that my cat no longer snoozes on my sweaters, covering them in fur!

What do you think?

Similar ‘S’ hooks:

Dressing Room Reveal coming soon with tons of pictures and a few more details on how my clothing and accessories went from being crammed and sharing space with ‘boy’ clothes to having a room all their own.


Slide-Co Slide-Co 164183 Bi-Fold Door Repair Kit with 2 Door Set
Home Improvement (Slide-Co)
  • Repairs 2 doors
  • Fits a 7/8in. wide track system
  • Repairs a 3/8in. diameter system
  • Easy to install

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Xtra $500 charge on hotel bill - legal?

I stayed at a Holiday Inn last weekend and the bill was $238. While I was there the mirror on one of the closet bifold doors was broken (door was stuck, pulled too hard). I checked out and when I checked my bank statement they had charged 738. I called and they said it was a miscellaneous damage charge for the broken door. After much arguing they wouldn't take off the charge, and they refuse to fax/send me invoices/bills for replacement parts or labor.
This door was a crappy $50 hotel closet door. There is no way there was $500 of damage, do I have any recourse here?

Stanley Hardware Stanley Hardware 48-Inch Bifold Set #402044
Home Improvement (Stanley Hardware)
  • Designed for 1-inch thick panels; total width of 48 inches
  • Supports 2 doors weighing up to 30 pounds each
  • White finish
  • Includes a pair of snuggers, top pivots, guide wheels, bottom pivots, hinges, knobs and aligners
Door H Closet Door Spring
Home Improvement (Door H)
  • Closet Door Spring
PRIME-LINE PRODUCTS/SLIDE-CO Prime-Line Folding Door Hardware Kit
  • For 24 to 36 2 door systems
  • For 7/8 to 1-3/8 thick doors up to 35 lbs. per panel
  • 35-3/4 overall track length
  • Top hung surface mount steel track with off white finish
  • Boxed

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  • Avatar niner_72601 Partially replace my existing cabinets?
    Jan 21, 2007 by niner_72601 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I have cabinets in my kitchen that are painted.......i want to go oak face frame and doors...............can i pull off the existing face frame, and replace with an oak question is......whats the best way to build the frame......dowels?

    • The face frames may be a beotch to replace; they were built on the cabinet boxes, or glued to them. Just depends on the construction. The best way is to use pocket screws. There is an angled hole (pocket) drilled into th …e fancy machine).

      Otherwise, you just apply the boards individually to the cabinet box and pin the edge that hangs down with a finish nail (not the best method, but it's done on built in shelves everyday).