Bi-Folding closet doors

Bi-Fold Closet Doors | Panel, Glass and Louvered

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Sliding Patio Doors by Mastercraft are engineered for strength, durability and energy efficiency while embracing a classic look and large viewing area. The aluminum-clad exterior is designed to offer protection and add strength to the frame for extended

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Bi-fold Doors
Bi-fold Doors
How to make a Bi-folding Door.
How to make a Bi-folding Door.


I just built some pretty cool dividers for a flower shop.
I took several old wooden exterior house doors, some with glass and some without. I screwed regular door hinges to both sides and built a bifold / accorian wall.
We painted the windows over and it turned out really neat and the doors were free at the dump.

I'd go with something else but Habitat for Human

Is a great place to look for that, too. Look for louvered shutters or bifold doors that will block some of the wind but still allow for air flow. Glass or plexi can also magnify the suns rays and burn the plants if you aren't careful. Glass, plexi and bug screen also block some of the beneficial UVA/UVB rays.

If you have a fireplace enclosure:

Like the sliding or bifold glass doors to cover it, then personally I would just get a real long duration very hot fire going in there as long as the chimney is clean and good to go. Keep the doors closed, and the side or bottom vents open.
After 2-3 fires if it's not all gone or if it's all flaked up it should come off fairly easy with a putty knife or wire wheel.

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