Change Bi-fold Doors to French Doors

changebifolddoor Change Bi fold Doors to French Doors

I have lived with a broken bi-fold pantry door for 3 years. I guess it hasn’t always been broken. Occasionally I would fix it, and put it back on its track. Only for one of the kids to attack the door in an attempt to get a handful of goldfish. And boom, it would be broken again.

This week I had enough of that darn door.

My mom was visiting so I thought together we could tackle this door and turn it from a cheap builder grade bi-fold door to a super fancy double door. And it worked. Well it may not be super fancy, but at least it has a bit of character now.

Change Bi-fold Doors to French Doors

bifolddoorbefore Change Bi fold Doors to French DoorsBasic bi-fold door.

To complete this simple project you will need to purchase 6 hinges (I only bought 4 so I have to add 2 more), a double magnetic catch, and 2 door knobs.

Since I always seem to struggle with hinges I have taken a picture of the ones that worked for us. The hinges and magnetic catch were bought at Home Depot.

You may also be able to re-use the hinges from your door. I only had 3 and they were all covered in paint. New hinges were only about $2 each so it wasn’t a big deal.

This is the label for the magnetic catch. I’m sure any of them would work.

To start remove door from track. And remove all hardware, top track, hinges between door, and any hardware along the bottom of the door. Remember the bottom of the door.doorhinge Change Bi fold Doors to French Doors floor.

Measure & mark on the door where you want each of the hinges (same on each door). Pre-drill the holes.

Attach hinges to doors first.

Add magnetic catch to top. Make sure it’s centre so that both doors hit it. We held the 2 doors up to be sure before we screwed it in.

Now attach the doors to the door frame (pre-drill the holes in the door frame). You will need one person to hold the door and another to drill. Be sure to hang the door high enough so that it catches the magnetic catch.

magneticlatch Change Bi fold Doors to French DoorsOnce the doors are up you can add the magnetic plates to the back of the 2 doors.

Now check to see if the door closes. If you have a gap between the doors you can add a piece of wood to one side (but this means you will always have to close one door first).

With my doors we couldn’t actually close them. So we had to do some major sanding. I mean major.

You can see my little helper vacuuming up the dust. After a ton of sanding the doors finally closed.

We painted the door Seal by Martha Stewart. Love it.

To hang the door knobs I got lazy. And instead of measuring I just added tape using the door molding as a guide. Drilled 2 holes and added the knobs.

remove hardware Change Bi fold Doors to French Doors predrill Change Bi fold Doors to French Doors hinge Change Bi fold Doors to French Doors magnetic catch Change Bi fold Doors to French Doors


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I hate bifold doors-

Finally, FINALLY with help I got them re hung in the closet after they were removed when the room was painted. I adjusted the bottom screw while the door was held in the tracks. BUT then when both were hung and closed, there's a > 1 inch gap between the two doors. Now what did i do wrong and must i start all over? I hate bi-fold doors! They are crap.

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