Antique French Doors

The items shown on this page are antique items, being sold as is, in the conditions and limited quantities shown unless otherwise indicated. Please email us or call us at 888.558.2329 to inquire about availability, request additional information or photos, or to purchase these items. Column A Column B Column C Column D Row 1

VED0410-06: Pair of Exterior Leaded Church Doors, Oak, 64 w x 88 ¼ tall; minor damage to wood as shown. $1495/ pair SOLD

VID022210-01: Vintage interior oak door with leaded glass a couple of very minor veneer issues otherwise in good condition.
30" W by 87 5/8" D $135.00 SOLD VFD0703-06: Outstanding set of Quartersawn french doors Check out the brass hardware very unusual. 48" wide by 87 5/8" tall $1450 SOLD

VFG1215-01: Gumwood leaded glass door from the 1930s no breaks ready for installation. 35 3/4" W by 77 1/4" T in very good shape. $325.00

SOLD Row 2 VFD062411-01 Nice pair of gumwood French doors in good condition, missing one pane of glass. 60” W by 83 ½” T and 1 ¾” thick $450.00 SOLD
VFD062411-02 Pair of pine French doors 60” W by 83 ½” T by 1 ¾” thick, solid doors need to be stripped and refinished notice the soot from a fire across the bottom of both doors. $425.00 SOLD
VFD062411-03 Potential in this pair of oak French doors with unique opaque glass, need to be stripped and refinished...


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Most sliders have adjustable wheels

Sliders have wheels (kinda like miniature railroad trolleys) at the bottom. On anderson doors, the two adjustment screws are covered by plugs (about the size of a dime) on the bottom, facing into the house. Pry the plugs out, and you'll see the adjustment screws. On a 40-yr old aluminum slider I worked on last summer, the adjustment screws were on the bottom, on opposite ends of the door (facing the jambs).
Tweak the height of the door height adjustment screws to get the sliding panel to line up with the jamb it closes against.
If the gap is too big, then you have to call in a pro (house may have settled too much, sill framing may be rotted, etc)

Pleasant Hearth GR-7201 Grandoir Fireplace Glass Door, Antique Brass, Medium
Home Improvement (Pleasant Hearth)
  • Medium size dimensions: 30-37-Inch width of firebox opening and 25.5-32.5-Inch height of firebox opening, with 37.5-33-Inch overall frame dimensions.
  • Antique Brass Finish with Beveled Glass
  • Premium/Fine Mesh Panel
  • Bi-fold bay style doors
  • 4-Inch easy grip handles

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