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aluminum frames

RACO Interior Products
Interior Aluminum Framing Systems

We carry and supply a wide selection of aluminum products from some of the mayor manufacturers in the industry
Single knock down frames, Sidelights, Borrowed lights, Cased Opening material, for the following Systems

Raco: Classic, Solutions II - snap on trim.
Frameworks & Wilson partitions: Type I, Type II.
Versatrac & Concepwalls: Freestading, Snap on trim.
Standard door frames and sidelights for 3 3/4" & 4 7/8" wall thickness
Adjustable door frames up to 8 3/4" and Cased opening material
20, 45, 60, 90 minute fire rated Door frames with positive pressure label

Standard factory pre-finished Brown, Black and Clear anodize Aluminum colors.
white, beige and custom colors available upon request.

Source: www.doorframesolutions.com

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Ive heard of people gluing canvas to walls...(rabbit skin glue perhaps?) but i cant imagine how you transition the edges… ive also seen large canvases hung by grommets with sewn edges…...why not just create a large painting on, as you stated, panel? i have a friend that works large by utilizing multiple interior door panels adjoined. (often framed with aluminum flat bar) i also have another friend that fixes panel to bed frames/angle iron....im not a fan of large stretched canvases...susceptible to damage during transportation, storage, stretching etc...but they are the lightest....(someone

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  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame with tempered glass
  • Easy installation with no cutting required
  • Fits left or right sliding glass doors
  • Latch included enables sliding glass door to lock
  • Weather stripping, glass sweep, closing panel included for weather resistance

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