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by Cheryl

We have 2 lab mixes and a huge clumsy elephant in a china shop German Shepherd, 6 cats and the occasional foster pet or pet sitting for friends. Our door sees more action than grand central station. We have had absolutely no problems. We hired a professional contractor to install it, he used screw glue to make sure it stayed secure and it has been perfect since day one. The cats tend to lift the flap with their claws before going through, but the flaps have held up very well. I would not hesitate to recommend Pet Safe doors and I would buy another just like it if I were to need another. My only problem isn't Pet Safe's fault other then our flap is more of a smoke color. A few of the cats enjoy laying in wait right at the flap waiting for their next victim to try to enter or exit, then they swat whoever tried to use the door. It would be VERY helpful if the animals could see through the flap!! Why this isn't an option I don't understand.


Great door, 1/9/14

by Lynne

I had this door installed in the medium size for my cat and small dog. It works great. Because of the thickness of the wall we bought two of these, one for the inside going out and the other for the outside coming in. My son, who did the installation, built a little wall structure between the two doors. It doubled the price but is well worth it. We've had it for about 7 months now and even in sub zero temperatures very little cold air comes in. I anticipate we will need to replace the plastic from time to time but that looks easy enough. Yes, I think our energy bill will be improved. Our animals were wanting to be in and out all the time. It's certainly saved on my energy of not having to get up and open and close the door all the time!



by Schnauzermom

I have 6 dogs. 2 small and 4 mid size. I own 2 of these doors. One in the door going into the garage and other in my garage door going into the yard. The flaps buckle over time, the screws fall out and are forever lost in the grass. They don't keep out the cold. Dogs tend to always push on the door at the corner, never the middle so the door holes tear out in that corner first. After the first screw hole tears thru, they all start to follow. No matter how hard you try to save it. My dogs will pull off the magnetic strip that slides onto the bottum of the flap and chew them up. Once you have cut a big hole in your door though, you are stuck with this doggie door.


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Ive heard of people gluing canvas to walls...(rabbit skin glue perhaps?) but i cant imagine how you transition the edges… ive also seen large canvases hung by grommets with sewn edges…...why not just create a large painting on, as you stated, panel? i have a friend that works large by utilizing multiple interior door panels adjoined. (often framed with aluminum flat bar) i also have another friend that fixes panel to bed frames/angle not a fan of large stretched canvases...susceptible to damage during transportation, storage, stretching etc...but they are the lightest....(someone

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PetSafe Freedom Patio Panel, 81-Inch, Small, White
Pet Products (Radio Systems Corporation)
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame with tempered glass
  • Easy installation with no cutting required
  • Fits left or right sliding glass doors
  • Latch included enables sliding glass door to lock
  • Weather stripping, glass sweep, closing panel included for weather resistance

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  • Avatar niner_72601 Partially replace my existing cabinets?
    Jan 21, 2007 by niner_72601 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I have cabinets in my kitchen that are painted.......i want to go oak face frame and doors...............can i pull off the existing face frame, and replace with an oak question is......whats the best way to build the frame......dowels?

    • The face frames may be a beotch to replace; they were built on the cabinet boxes, or glued to them. Just depends on the construction. The best way is to use pocket screws. There is an angled hole (pocket) drilled into th …e fancy machine).

      Otherwise, you just apply the boards individually to the cabinet box and pin the edge that hangs down with a finish nail (not the best method, but it's done on built in shelves everyday).