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What can I do to make sure the Vinyl Inset Fits Correctly?

First, soak the Vinyl Insert in a tub of warm (but not hot) water, with just a drop of liquid soap, for about 10-15 minutes. This will make the Vinyl Insert more pliable and easier to work into the threshold grooves.

Once the Insert is warmed up, it should be pliable enough to slide into the threshold groove with no problem. If the insert is just being stubborn, a plastic putty knife or plastic spatula can help guide the insert into the grooves for a snug fit.

How do I install my new Threshold.

Made of quality aluminum with a resilient vinyl bumper that butts securely ...

Ideal for dressing up exposed surfaces under pre-hung doors with thresholds.

Source: www.frostking.com

Thermwell Prods. Co. Thermwell Y3750 1/2-Inch x 37-Inch Vinyl "Y" Shaped Storm Door Bottom Replacement Insert For Aluminum Storm Doors, Gray
Home Improvement (Thermwell Prods. Co.)
  • Thermwell #Y3750 37 Grey Storm DR Bottom

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Metal threshold on concrete

I'm about to install a pre-hung exterior door that has aluminum threshold (built-in) on sloping old concrete. location is from garage to sideyard, one step down.
is it sufficient to just place the door unit on new mortar bed on the concrete? contact would be aluminum-mortar-concrete. i'm not sure if additional "gasket" type material is necessary.
any door retrofit pros?
and how about bolting downwards into mortar/concrete? necessary/ not necessary?

If it's rotted

It should be easy to take out. Stoop and threshold are two entirely different things - I'm assuming you're talking about a threshold.
If it's an exterior door get an aluminum one w/ rubber or vinyl weatherstripping. Measure the opening and go to your local home improvement store where there will be a variety of choices. They can be cut to fit if your opening is not standard.
If it's interior pick the wood that looks best with your floors or trim or whatever.
And it's DIY (Do It Yourself)

^ too stupid to realize that more than 1 person

Face it...if you had actually had a REAL door design, you would have CHOSEN a screen that worked with your stupid threshold concept LONG before you had an exterior door unit built and installed...
instead now you are asking random people on CL about something you should have spec'ed out MONTHS ago, no doubt because no reputable door company will deal with your obnoxious, egotistical ass that thinks it knows what it's doing but CLEARLY (to everyone but you) doesn't.
classic puffed up idiot homeowner who thinks they know everything, reinventing the wheel and then attacking anyone they can find when the combo of massive ego and ignorance bites them on the ass

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Storm Door Panel Clip (625731)‪
Storm Door Panel Clip (625731)‪

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