Pivots For Aluminum Storefront Doors


We stock a huge inventory of spare parts and hardware including door closers, panic device parts, locks, hinges, pivots, tempered door glasses and many specialty parts designed to fit most brands of aluminum storefront doors. We have the parts for Kawneer, YKK, U.S. Aluminum, Amarlite, Aldora, Vistawall, Anaconda, AGC, AFG, Tubelite, PPG Architectural Metals, Pittsburgh, Coral, Howmet, Pittco and many door manufacturers. As one of the oldest dealers for many door manufacturers we can identify and supply parts that have not been manufactured for many years.

Please note that we are a local company serving north Alabama. We are not set up to ship or sell outside of North Alabama.

Offset Pivot Sets:

Specify door hand and either bronze finish or mill finish aluminum. These pivots can be painted so if your door has a different finish, buy the mill finish aluminum pivot and you can easily paint it to match. Each offset door leaf has four pivot parts - two door portions (top and bottom) and two frame portions (top and bottom).

How to identify if your storefront aluminum door is a right-hand or left-hand door:
With the door in the open position, stand in the doorway with your back to the pivots. You will be standing sideways in the opening, straddling the threshold and looking at the part of the opening where the door latches into place when closed. Which side of you is the door on? If the door is on your right hand side, it is a right handed door. If the door is on your left hand side, it is a left handed door. Note that building codes now require most exterior commercial doors to open to the outside. pens to the interior, the rule above still works.

Kawneer Door Pivots

Note: Kawneer doors usually have a Kawneer logo on an oval metal plate located underneath the glass in the center of the bottom rail. We have been a Kawneer dealer for over 60 years and have a large stock of older and discontinued parts.

Frame Portion
Offset Pivot
Part # 050321

Door Portion
Offset Pivot
Part # 050320

Bottom Door Portion
Offset Pivot
Part # 050323

L. H. Bottom Frame
Portion Kawneer
Offset Pivot
Part # 050325

RH Bottom Frame
Portion Kawneer
Offset Pivot
Part # 050324

YKK Door Pivots

We have been an authorized YKK storefront dealer and installer since YKK-AP entered the North American market in 1991.

Source: www.northalabamaglass.com

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