How to Replace Rollers in Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

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How to Change the Rollers on Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

*Note: This is a general article that can be used to replace the rollers in most aluminum sliding glass doors without having to remove the sliding panel from the door frame. Depending on door and roller, process may differ slightly.

*Note 2:Most aluminum sliding glass doors use single-assembly rollers. Most are steel, although some use nylon. The best way to figure out which rollers you need is to use steps 1-6 to remove your rollers and buy replacements that match.

Summary of Steps

  • Unscrew and remove both aluminum stiles of moving panel.
  • One person lift up door while other slides bottom rail over so roller screw can be accessed.
  • Unscrew and remove roller.
  • Replace roller.
  • Repeat to other side, again picking up glass and sliding bottom rail over so roller screw can be accessed.
  • Put door back together.
  • Adjust rollers so door sits squarely in frame.

Detailed Steps

  1. To access and remove rollers on sliding panel, unscrew stiles (side components of aluminum frame).
  1. Once unscrewed at top and bottom, gently knock a block of wood against the frame with a hammer as shown in the picture below. Do this at top and bottom until stile comes off--should be left with glass edge in rubber boot. *Note: if rubber boot comes off, it easily slides back on.knock on rail n place before we re-installed the stiles.
  1. Repeat on other side. Only rails (top and bottom components of aluminum panel frame) should remain on sliding panel.
  2. Place wood block (block must be 3/4" wide or smaller so as not to hit glass) against bottom rail and gently knock with a hammer to nudge it along the track, independent of glass. Goal is to expse screw hole on top of bottom rail so roller can be removed. Rail should only need to be moved a few inches. *Note: When moving bottom rail, have partner gently lift panel (easy to do with large suction cup) to take weight off rail. Another picture of this process is shown after step 9.
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Sliding glass door replacement?

I have a wonderful southwest view of the bay.
Currently,there is an oversized aluminum sliding glass door. By over sized I mean, stationary piece and sliding piece are well over 3' wide each.
It's kind of ugly as the house was built in 1941, so it's not original, was thinking of installing either French Doors, or a replacment sliding glass door that looks like French Door.
Since the opening is existing, would the install be easy and therefore not too expensive. I prefer to use handymen found on Craislist as opposed to "contractors."
Advice/comments? Want to talk me out of it? I open.

Safety and sliding doors and windows

I have always lived in apartments on 2nd or 3rd floors and felt very safe. Now we are living in a first floor apartment with older windows (they slide from side to side, maybe aluminum?) and an older slidng glass door. I feel like the locks on both are whimpy and we are more vulnerable to break-ins than we need to be. Any ideas for making the situation more secure? short of replacing them all? (Do they make stuff now that is safer anyway?)

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