Conveniently Securing the Shed with Roll Up Shed Doors

Exterior, Conveniently Securing the Shed with Roll Up Shed Doors: Simple Roll Up Shed DoorsAs the storage place, the shed should be secure and safe. Besides using good materials for the shed structure building, the kind of doors used should also be noticed. If you want to secure the shed conveniently, then, you need to look at the roll up shed doors.

The roll up shed doors, as the name suggested, are the shed doors that roll up and down to open and close. They can work manually or automatically by using special remote control. The price of the roll up shed doors is usually influenced by the sizes and materials. So, you need to be careful in those two matters.

Mainly, the roll up shed doors are made of the aluminum and steel. The aluminum roll up shed doors may be more expensive than the steel roll up shed doors, but the quality of the aluminum will certainly be better than the steel roll up shed doors. The aluminum roll up shed doors is more flexible so they are not easy to dent. Besides, they are also light weight, so can easily lifted up and down.

Exterior, Conveniently Securing the Shed with Roll Up Shed Doors: Wooden Shed With Roll Up Shed DoorsAfter dealing with the materials, you also need to pay attention well on the size of the roll up shed doors. If the shed is in custom size, then you will certainly need custom roll up shed doors. Otherwise, the roll up shed doors you buy may end vainly. Of course, you don’t want that to happen, right?

The roll up shed doors are the right choice that you should make when you are planning to buy the doors for your shed. Not only convenient, but also modern and minimalist, the roll up shed doors will secure the shed very well. You will also easily open and close them, moreover when you choose automatic roll up shed doors. In addition, you can also paint the roll up shed doors with any colors you like so that the shed will look more attractive.


Lifetime Products Lifetime 6405 8-by-10-Foot Outdoor Storage Shed with Window, Skylights, and Shelving
Lawn & Patio (Lifetime Products)
  • Shed includes 4 large skylights allows natural light, 2 screened vents, 1 shatter proof window and customizable shelving system
  • High arched, steel-reinforced doors offer a 4 foot wide by 6 feet high door opening, lockable doors with internal latching mechanism
  • High-pitched roof support a-frame trusses provide 6 feet 8 inches of head room and the steep roof allows for quick drainage of rain and snow
  • High density polyethylene floor included does not crack, chip or peel; slip resistant surface with beveled edge and is resistant to oil and stains
  • Site selection your shed is recommended to be prepared using a level cement, wood asphalt, gravel or patio style surface for long-term performance

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Exterior door sill

I need an exterior door sill plate for 6 feet (2 x 36" doors) span. This is the plate at the bottom of an exterior door. Is there a place for me to get it? I can probably make one out of treated wood, but I am pretty sure it's not as good as one sold. They're also usually composite (plastic like) or aluminum. This is for a shed, so no big deal in term of quality, but cutting it out would take some times, especially to make a sloping cut for easy moving stuffs in and out. This is why I figure just go out and buy it to save time and effort, but don't know if they sell them.

Why Aluminum?

If you just hate the look of a cheap rusting metal shed, that's fine.
Some alternatives:
T1-11 siding, cheap but will last if you keep it painted.
Roofing shingles over OSB, can be cheap asphalt and still good for over 20 years. Or get the high end, good for 50 years.
How about funky? Go to Urban Ore or Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley and get a load of old exterior doors? Maybe they would have some used exterior siding.

I haven't seen her on here in a while

Duckdogmom was pretty close with her. She might know how to re-connect.
As for the small barn issue... How about one of those aluminum tool shed things you can buy at Home Depot? I have one on my patio that looks like a barn, has doors that slide open and there is plenty of room to stand upright in it. It seems pretty water-tight and that's saying a lot as we live in Oregon.
I was actually thinking of having my son wire it for lights and maybe an outlet or several so I can do a little hydroponic gardening this year. New hobby of mine. ;-)

Awww. My want for the day!!

So cute! I love goats. And on that note I had a question. I have an aluminum storage shed in my yard. It doesn't have anything in it and I don't ever use it. I was wondering if there was a way to convert it into a shelter either for my dog when we are outside or for something else I may get down the road (and I mean WAY down the road) I talked to my mom about it and she said it would get too hot in it because it's aluminum. Now of course I'm not going to put a creature in there and shut the doors!! I'm not stupid

Arrow Door Tune-Up Kit
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How to build a shed door with metal trim.
How to build a shed door with metal trim.
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Sunforce Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Sunforce)
  • Made with ABS plastic and aluminum for added durability
  • Solar panel is amorphous (1W, 6V) and can be mounted almost anywhere
  • Lumen output: 850
  • No main power or wiring required
  • Working Time: 30 minutes, 72 times, one time lighting 25 seconds
National Hardware National Hardware SP15BC Open Bar Holder, Zinc Plated
Home Improvement (National Hardware)
  • Manufactured from hot rolled steel
  • Designed for use with 2 x 4 lumber
  • Use with National s # 14 bar holder
  • LifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Secures shed and other small doors
Shed Windows and More 18" Octagon Shed Window White Flush Mount, Playhouse Window
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  • Octagon 18 Shed Window
  • Aluminum Frame with Safety Glass
  • Rough Opening 18-1/4 all sides
  • Screw Flange

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  • Avatar niner_72601 Partially replace my existing cabinets?
    Jan 21, 2007 by niner_72601 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I have cabinets in my kitchen that are painted.......i want to go oak face frame and doors...............can i pull off the existing face frame, and replace with an oak question is......whats the best way to build the frame......dowels?

    • The face frames may be a beotch to replace; they were built on the cabinet boxes, or glued to them. Just depends on the construction. The best way is to use pocket screws. There is an angled hole (pocket) drilled into th …e fancy machine).

      Otherwise, you just apply the boards individually to the cabinet box and pin the edge that hangs down with a finish nail (not the best method, but it's done on built in shelves everyday).