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Used as wall cabinets, base cabinets, or pantry doors, aluminum frame cabinet doors from Corona Millworks will become the focal point of any kitchen, bath, furniture, or casework design. All doors are custom manufactured to your exact specifications and are available in either aluminum or stainless finish in your choice of frame styles. Combined with the numerous insert options, the design combinations are virtually endless.

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Available Glass Insert Styles
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KOHLER Kohler K-2967-BR1 Aluminum Cabinet with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Framed Mirror Door, Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • 20 W x 26 H x 5-3/8 D overall dimension
  • Anodized aluminum cabinet box will not rot or rust
  • Left or right-hand hinge option for door
  • Mirror on front of door, back of door, and interior back of cabinet
  • Surface and recess installation

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Replacement storm and entry doors

I have this storm door installed like 5 years ago. I noticed the rotten surface near the hinges ares (on outside). It looks like it is made of wood core not steel or aluminum. huh?
So I went to Lowes last night. Any storm doors under $250 are made of these cheap materials... looks like wood inside.
Also for these steel entry door. how good is it? I saw these steel door ($250-$350) at Lowes have scratches and dents (like dents on car door).
however, I have some nice soild wood entry doors cost $1500-$2000 there. any suggestions?

Basic door question...

I need to know if an exterior door that comes framed can be flipped?
To make it swing the same way as the previous door, the jam would have to be on the inside and I know that is wrong for all kinds of reasons. I'm willing to hang it the way it is, aluminum jam outside...but it will interfere with the refrigerator, so I'll either have to deal with it, move the fridge or flip the door. It's not used often, but great for a fire escape and taking the trash out. we have two other entry ways.
If it makes a difference, this is an 'inside' exterior door, meaning there is a mudroom/storage area protecting it from the elements, it will not get rained on

Refinish it.

Consider that installing new hardwood over the old might require cutting a strip off the bottom of the doors so they'll clear the new height of floors, modifying door jambs and casings, and moving or covering up more of your base trims. Will your entry doors even clear a higher floor? Not so easy to just cut these down or install new thresholds....
I've always heard that refinishing is cheaper than installing new. Either way, I don't think I'd lay new over the old anyway - I'd at LEAST remove the old, then install new over the subfloor.
But if the old floors are in good shape and of good quality, then keep them

Review: 610 Webster St. #16

This apartment is in a very nice building. Having seen another apartment in the building, it's apparent that the size and quality of apartments in the building vary greatly.
This apartment suffers from a poor lay-out, though the hardwood floors and built-ins (though a bit worse for the wear) do add a good bit of charm. You enter through a nice glass-paneled door into an entry-way about the size of a stall shower. There is a small closet off to your left, and a bathroom directly in front of you. The bathroom is cute with white tiles, a bathtub, and white with dark green accent tiny hexagonal tile floors

Tripp Lite Tripp Lite SR4POST 45U 4-Post Open Frame Rack Cabinet Square Holes 1000lb Capacity
CE (Tripp Lite)
  • 4-post 45U open frame rack
  • Square numbered mounting holes; 1-lb. capacity
  • Toolless mounting for vertical PDUs and cable managers
  • Heavy-duty steel construction; self-squaring design
  • 5-year warranty
KOHLER Kohler K-CB-CLW2026SS Single Door 20"W X 26"H X 5-1/4"D Aluminum Cabinet with Decorative Silver Framed Mirrored Door, Not Applicable
Home Improvement (KOHLER)
  • 20 W x 26 H x 5-1/4 D Silver aluminum cabinet
  • Silver framed mirror door
  • 19-1/4 x 25-1/4 rough opening size
  • Two adjustable 1/4 glass shelves
  • Reversible door can be installed with left or right hinge
Avanti Avanti 3.1 Cubic Foot Beverage Cooler / Sylish Black Cabinet With Stainess Steel Framed Double-Pane Tempered Glass Door
Major Appliances (Avanti)
  • Glass Door Refrigerator
  • 3.1 CU FT
  • adusstable shelving
  • reversible door
  • interior LED Lighing
Kreg Kreg PRS1200 Precision Beaded Face-Frame System
Home Improvement (Kreg)
  • High quality aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and rigidity
  • Easily installed on almost any full-sized router table
  • Helps you build beautiful face-frames faster and easier than before
  • Simple design results in more accurate cuts, better finished look

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  • Avatar niner_72601 Partially replace my existing cabinets?
    Jan 21, 2007 by niner_72601 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I have cabinets in my kitchen that are painted.......i want to go oak face frame and doors...............can i pull off the existing face frame, and replace with an oak question is......whats the best way to build the frame......dowels?

    • The face frames may be a beotch to replace; they were built on the cabinet boxes, or glued to them. Just depends on the construction. The best way is to use pocket screws. There is an angled hole (pocket) drilled into th …e fancy machine).

      Otherwise, you just apply the boards individually to the cabinet box and pin the edge that hangs down with a finish nail (not the best method, but it's done on built in shelves everyday).