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We began working from special extrusion designs, conceived by the founder of the corporation, and we continue to expand our designs to meet the ever-growing variety of customer needs. When you compare design, structural integrity and price, we believe you will realize what our faithful customers have discovered; that there is not a better long-term value that can be found in the door industry.

Cross Aluminum offers four basic doortypes, from which many custom variations may be fabricated. They consist of:

Heavy Duty Flush Door Entrances
(FL-400 series)

These are recommended for very high abuse and heavy traffic areas. 8, rest & welcome centers, prison facilities, etc. wimming pools and aquatic centers, waste water & water treatment plants, and chemical producing plants.

Heavy Duty Thermal Flush Doors

These heavy duty entrances are built with the same structural strength as our heavy duty flush doors, but with added thermal benefits. These entrances provide good U factors and great CRF values without compromising quality or strength. These doors can also be used on high abuse and heavy traffic areas.

Wide Stile & Rail Glass Door Entrances
(WS-500 series)

Designed with structural integrity in mind. This entrance has become very popular for school entrances at any level. It provides maximum use of natural light, yet handles everyday abuse. The 3/16" wall extrusions provides...


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Made-to-measure Entrance Doors
Made-to-measure Entrance Doors
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Aluminum Door Thresholds
Aluminum Door Thresholds

A threshold is the part screwed to door bottom

Mostly for external doors to limit bugs and air flow. Typically aluminum with a rubber sheet bulged at the center which makes contact with the bottom section screwed to the floor which may also have a bulged rubber middle section.
Any air gap whatsoever is a big noise entrance. This can be noticed even with sounds like keyboard clicks in another room. The door probably doesn't touch all four sides of the door frame evenly. Get some thin foam weatherstripping which has an adhesive side and apply it to the door frame.

Renovated former dump

They took out the wooden steps
cased the beams in faux aluminum
in dark modern blue
the row of basement doors were cinder blocked
swan sun glass hue to match the siding
secure entrance assured by an autistic engineer
it has some racing goggle replacement windows
tropical insert court yard
I used to study the moon there
shoot the shit with some shit heads
on webbed chaise lounges
when it was a dirt square
been fine somewhere else

Bird/snake/small animal cagesb

34 small aluminum cages with dividers. Total of 68 cages. Size is 18x10x10.5 Asking $50 for all 34 cages. Cages has side and front entrance doors.
6 wooden cages. Size is 48x24x24. Asking $40 each or $150 for all.
One large flight cage. Size 48x24x49. Two doors. Asking $50.00
Best offer on all.
Please email me or call me at 313-598-0877.

Don-Jo Don-Jo GLP-307 LHR 12 Gauge Steel Latch Protector, Silver Coated Finish, 2-5/8" Width x 7" Height, For Aluminum Entrance Doors (Pack of 10)
BISS (Don-Jo)
  • 12 Gauge steel latch protector
  • Fits over cylinder-lock removal not required
  • Hand carriage bolt and rivet supplied
  • No specific tools required
  • Limited 1-year warranty
How to Install Aluminum Doors …
How to Install Aluminum Doors …
Hormann Aluminium Entrance Doors
Hormann Aluminium Entrance Doors
Hy-Ko Aluminum Sign - "Please Use Other Door"
Home Improvement (Hy-Ko)
  • *2 X8
  • Grey letters on red background
  • Polybagged
  • Please Use Other Door
CR Laurence CRL Dark Bronze Anodized 42" Entrance Door Sweep by CR Laurence
Home Improvement (CR Laurence)
  • Extruded Aluminum with Concealed Fasteners
siga Wireless visitor Customer ding-dong door chime Entry Alert Entrance Alarm+ wall charger
Home Improvement (siga)
  • model: 5301
  • Color: White
  • 16 kinds of melody music
  • Effective Alarming Detecting Distance: Approx. 2~8 meters
  • Power Switch: 10 seconds delay

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  • Avatar maxton What is a good quality patio door?
    Apr 06, 2009 by maxton | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The doors should be swinging, energy efficient and able to take direct expousre to heavy rain, high humidty and direct sun in typical for the US gulf states area. There is no overhang to protect the doors. I need a door material that can mount wooden blinds to cover the door window.

    • Go with aluminum clad exterior, and either unfinished or primed inside, depending on whether your trim is stained or painted. Marvin makes an excellent door. I have French doors going out to my deck, both doors operate, and I bought the screen kit to go with it. It's a quality product, and I recommend it highly. Hope this helps.