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Aluminum doors and windows are more and more welcomed by the market Door and window hardware industry have been greatly improved in recent years, especially the door and window products represented by aluminium windows and doors, which are more and more welcomed by the market with good wind pressure resistance, water tightness, insulation resistance and other properties, catering to meet the consumers’ increasing variety requirements for home decoration. As living standards improve, people increasingly value practicality, aesthetics, and other details for doors and windows decoration.

Although aluminum doors and windows have highlighted product performance advantages, but aluminum doors and windows also requires a certain care and maintenance in order to avoid quality damage, thus extending the life of aluminum doors and windows.

Maintenance of aluminum doors and windows:

2. Aluminum doors and windows can use a soft cloth dampened with water or neutral detergent to clean, do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, or use scouring powder, toilet sperm and other strong acid washing detergents, it will corrode the surface of profile.

3. Seal tops and glass glue are key structures to ensure aluminum doors and windows insulation, which should be repaired and replaced if they fall off.

4. After the rain, the wet glass and door frames should be dried as soon as possible.

5. Frequently check the door or window frame joints, timely tightening bolts, and replace the damaged parts. Positioning shaft pin, wind bracing, and other consumable parts of aluminum windows and doors should always be checked regularly, lubricating and keep it clean, flexible.

6. Aluminum doors and windows should be used gently, push and pull naturally; do not hard push if you find difficulty, you should first debug. Fouling and deformation is the main sliding difficulty of aluminum doors and windows, so the door frames should keep clean, especially the cleaning of sliding groove. You can use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the fouling in the groove and door seal tops.


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It would seem that when looking to install (replace windolws w/ full flange) and install a new french door with existing aluminum siding, it would be best to adddress new siding at the same time correct? meaning change out the siding so that a proper seal can be nmade with the new windows & door trim and the siding.
If I were to install new w& d including new trim (4X6),( 2X4)etc, is ther any way to cut the siding and create a legit seal between the new trim and the siding? or will the siding get distroyed by the trim installation.
Can this be don

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I am considering replacing 38 year old single pane aluminum windows in the living room area of an apartment next to the beach that are drafty, old looking and have rusty sills. The frames the windows would go into are 82"x58" and 106"x58." The windows are east facing and get a lot of sun in the morning, but I don't need low-e glass or pre-tinted windows because I would prefer to have a professional window tinter come and use the tint material and brand of my choice. However, I was told that if you tint the windows, you will void the warranty on the windows. Is this true? The sales person at the home improvement store told me that you can't get dual pane windows without low E properties

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DABSCO - Bradnam Doors and Windows
DABSCO - Bradnam Doors and Windows

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  • Avatar maxton What is a good quality patio door?
    Apr 06, 2009 by maxton | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The doors should be swinging, energy efficient and able to take direct expousre to heavy rain, high humidty and direct sun in typical for the US gulf states area. There is no overhang to protect the doors. I need a door material that can mount wooden blinds to cover the door window.

    • Go with aluminum clad exterior, and either unfinished or primed inside, depending on whether your trim is stained or painted. Marvin makes an excellent door. I have French doors going out to my deck, both doors operate, and I bought the screen kit to go with it. It's a quality product, and I recommend it highly. Hope this helps.