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Welding up the door hinge
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Aluminum Frame For French Doors.

I have 2 sets of aluminum French Doors that don’t have frames. I would like to put these in my concrete block house, 1 set to replace existing doors, and 1 set to replace a window of the same h & w. I have been trying to find frames for them with no luck. I did find a commercial steel frame for $375.00, but that is a little over kill. I’ve seen the same door, with the same hinges in other houses so they are common in the area. Can anybody offer some direction?

Shower door hinge flucked up

Aluminum pivoting shower door has a piano hinge all along its side, which is riveted to both the door and the jamb piece. Over time it got stiff and the rivet heads popped off. I've drilled out the rivets and removed the hinge. Do i need to replace the whole unit, or does someplace sell aluminum piano hinges?
It's 43 years old, so I don't think the manufacturer is an option, even if I could figure out who that was.
Thanks for any advice!

Storm door replacement

My old storm door (half view) for the rear entry is a wood cored. The hinges area became rotten due to rain, snow or moisture. Someone suggested the cheapest fluted aluminum frame. And it only costs $80-$100. Should I get those heavy-duty aluminum frame (full view) like those for front entry. That could cost $400+

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Loose Door Hinge?
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  • Avatar maxton What is a good quality patio door?
    Apr 06, 2009 by maxton | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The doors should be swinging, energy efficient and able to take direct expousre to heavy rain, high humidty and direct sun in typical for the US gulf states area. There is no overhang to protect the doors. I need a door material that can mount wooden blinds to cover the door window.

    • Go with aluminum clad exterior, and either unfinished or primed inside, depending on whether your trim is stained or painted. Marvin makes an excellent door. I have French doors going out to my deck, both doors operate, and I bought the screen kit to go with it. It's a quality product, and I recommend it highly. Hope this helps.