Aluminum Door Hardware

08 1116 Aluminum Doors and Frames

WinGuard Aluminum

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  • Lifetime Warranty on Corner Construction
  • Mechanically Fastened and Welded Corners
  • Narrow, Medium, and Wide Stiles
  • Accommodates Most Custom Hardware
  • Standard 1" (25 mm) Diameter Solid Push/Pulls
Our Entrance Doors are consistently built to the highest industry standards, ensuring years of reliable service. All doors are supplied with push/pull hardware, maximum security locks, and easily accommodate a wide variety of custom hardware for specific job requirements.

08 1116 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 250-T, 400-T, & 550-T Thermal Entrance Doors

Accepts 1" (25 mm) Insulating Glass

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  • Series 250-T Narrow Stile, Series 400-T Medium Stile, Series 550-T Wide Stile
  • Polyamide Nylon Thermal Break
  • CRF: 57 (frame); 76 (glass)
  • U Value: 57
  • CSA-A440 Temp Index: 42
Our Thermal Entrance Doors feature a two glass stop design, polyamide nylon thermal break, mechanically fastened and welded corners, and one of the best thermal properties available in a commercial entrance door. These entrances can easily accommodate a wide variety of custom hardware for specific job requirements. 10" (254 mm) bottom rail available to meet A.D.A. requirements. Available in an Array of Architectural Coatings and Anodized Finishes

08 1116 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 900 Terrace Doors

1" x 4-1/2" (25 x 114 mm) Framing, Accepts 1" (25 mm) Insulating Glass

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  • 3 Hardware Styles With 12 Finish Options
  • Available as In-Swing or Out-Swing
  • Seven-Point Locking Device for Pairs and Five-Point Device for Singles
  • Thermally Broken
The Series 900 Terrace Door is a high performance door for use in hotels, lofts, condominiums, and high-rise apartments. The Terrace Door will withstand heavy traffic and the worst of weather conditions while maintaining its elegant styling. This door features double polyamide glass reinforced strips providing superior interior to exterior thermal separation. Three each Five-Knuckle Hinges, with Non-Removable Stainless Steel Pins, complete the sturdy look and feel of the Series 900 Terrace Door.

08 3213 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 2000 Sliding Doors

1/4" or 1" (6 or 25 mm) Glazing, For Interior Applications Only

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  • Sliding and Pocket Doors Available
  • Interlocking Stiles
  • Flush Finger Pulls
  • Adjustable Tandem Rollers
  • Recessed or Surface Floor Tracks
This multi-track slider is engineered with stacking head channels and bottom tracks allowing multiple slider combinations. Rugged overall construction coupled with heavy wall stiles and interlocks create a truly monumental sliding unit. Doors are equipped with flush finger pulls, hooklocks, and cylinders. Adjustable tandem rollers and floor track with stainless steel caps ensure smooth operation and durability.


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Assuming the door is steel or aluminum, I would

Look for self drilling screws the next size up from the hole.
They are available in various head types (Philips, hex, torx, etc), and various materials. They look like:
They are intended to be driven in with an electric drill/driver. They go straight in in one operation.
When my stainless steel barbecue grill blew over in a windstorm, and a half dozen spot-welds broke, stainless steel self drilling screws from ACE Hardware had it back together in no time

I've built an almost identical rig for a

PVC will work for the uprights, ABS is a little stiffer but costs more...
the crossbar will be subject to more load that you are probably considering and will deflect into a curve if you use PVC, so you'll want something really stiff for that, like a piece of metal conduit or an aluminum closet pole or similar tubing, or even an extrusion...
I used an old closet door track extrusion for mine, and pop riveted a suitable bit of AL tubing on the ends to make connectors, and used fence hardware for the sockets that the crossbar ends fit into-
I also put a threaded fitting on my 9' tall uprights and used 2" PVC for the lower section and reduced it to...

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