Aluminum door frames extrusions

Reason Eight: All Special-Lite extrusions are made from reprocessed aluminum

Aluminium window extrusion

Special-Lite sources aluminum extrusions made from prime-equivalent billet which is produced from 100% reprocessed 6063-T6 alloy recovered from industrial processes. The extrusions produced from this prime-equivalent secondary billet are equal in all respects to those made from virgin material, but have a smaller environmental footprint. Aluminum recycling requires only 5% of the energy necessary to produce virgin aluminum, so our use of post-industrial reprocessed material helps to reduce the embodied energy inherent in our family of entrance products.

Eight Reasons Our Entrance Products are More Sustainable:
1. GREENGUARD Certification ensures better indoor air quality.
2. Modern materials and durable construction reduce lifecycle cost.
3. Lightweight doors extend the life of the entire entrance system.
4. Durable finishes reduce maintenance costs and health risks.
5. Easy cleaning with green cleaners protects indoor air quality.
6. Better thermal performance helps reduce energy usage.
7. Aluminum is a sustainable material choice.


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