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Door Frames / Sidelites
Western Integrated makes door frames with integrated sidelite units to suit virtually anything you can dream up.

This image shows a simple 3’ X 7’ door frame with a 2’ sidelite. Notice the addition of horizontal members (muntins) and the optional 4” window sill for detail.

The components for this door and sidelite unit come right out of the box pre-cut and ready to install. We give you the rough openings and installation instructions with every unit!

Our door frames, with or without sidelites, are available for single doors or doubles, in partial height (6’ 8”, 7’ 0”) or full height up to 10’. Whatever your design, we can do it.

Many of our 300 Series have compatible glazing components. Simply by combining these components you can produce unlimited elevations to enhance any interior design.

A 20 minute neg. rating is also available on a door frame with a 2/0 wide by full height sidelite.

Stocked Standard Glazing Sizes:

3-3/8" * 3-1/2" 3-3/4" * 4-5/8" 4-7/8" 5-0/0" 5-1/4" * 5-1/2" * 7-1/4"

* Clear Anodized Only

1/4" Glass allows vinyl on both sides.
3/8" Glass allows roll-in vinyl on one side.
1/2" Glass requires silicon wet glaze only.

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