Door Seals and weatherstripping for bottom and sides of doors

Acoustic Automatic Door Bottom, Anodized Aluminum and EPDM.75Using a door seal to seal gaps around your door can be simple and inexpensive and has major cost and environmental benefits. Unwanted drafts in and out of your home steal valuable heat in the winter and provide access to unwanted noise and dust. Also, seeping water allows for moisture to form, causing major issues and inconveniences.

Door seals on doors and windows help control your environment, conserve energy, and saves you money on your utility bills. Choose from our large variety of high quality, durable door seals. As with all our products, doors seals are made of top grade material that will provide superior performance through long time usage.

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Pemko Wrap-Around Door Shoe and Kick Plate Combination with Vinyl Insert, Aluminum with Mill Finish, 36" Width x 3-1/2" Height
BISS (Pemko Manufacturing Company, Inc.)
  • Wrap-around door shoe and kick plate combination attaches to a 1-3/4 thick door bottom to protect against damage and to close the gap between the door and the threshold
  • Aluminum channel is lightweight yet strong and has an unpolished mill finish to match existing hardware
  • Gray vinyl insert flexes to create a light seal against the threshold without inhibiting door movement
  • Insert has an arched shape that blocks light, sound, and drafts
  • Tested and approved under UL10C for fire and UL1784 for smoke

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There's lots of different kinds of "metal"

If you are cutting regular aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, you can get away with it with the right blade (and that isn't a cutoff wheel), BUT...
metal cutoff saws have two major differences from wood chopsaws...they run slower with higher torque, and are also designed to keep metal shavings out of the motor. So it might be OK to cut an aluminum door bottom or window screen frame extrusion every once in a while, but if you do it long enough you will eventually short the saw out...regardless, trying to cut ferrous metals with a chop saw designed for wood is a good way to burn it up

Need a filler under door step

My contractor installed a door for me. The aluminum step on the bottom is only partially supported, so when I step on it the outside sinks down slightly. I would like to fill the 5/8" space that is currently underneath.
Because of door trim construction I cannot remove the door step; but I can access the space thru a narrow gap. I'm wondering if there is some kind of paste or chalking which I can inject thru the gap and which will harden into a suitable support for the door step....

A door is not a door

If your talking about a real steel door,
aka a fire door or other commercial unit,
forget it. If its a home depot special,(foam filled aluminum) use a circular saw with a fine tooth metal blade. Depending on the manufacture it will have metal,wood or plastic at the edges to help support the panels and give strength to the door frame. You cant or shouldn't trim the top or either side, it would weaken the door too much, but you can trim the bottom up to approx two inches and then your in foam, if you go that far, carve out some foam and fit in a piece of wood with thickened epoxy.

2 door, manual defrost, combination

Possibly Model TB 364. Have old booklet re various models....this isn't qutite like illustrations (there weren't photos this far back). Has semi-circular shaped aluminum swivel-out shelves that can be height adjusted by releasing catch and turning them around to raise/lower.
Just noticed something. It's not running, though interior light comes on if door opened. On freezer door, at bottom, the rubber-like seal strip is very warm ! Whatever that means. Don't think I've ever noticed that it was warm, or perhaps when it's running, the cold offsets the warmth.

Aluminum & Vinyl Door Bottom …
Aluminum & Vinyl Door Bottom …
Pemko Manufacturing Company, Inc. Pemko Door Bottom Sweep, Clear Anodized Aluminum with 1" Gray Nylon Brush insert, 0.25"W x 1.875" H x 36" L
BISS (Pemko Manufacturing Company, Inc.)
  • All clear anodized brush products are supplied with gray brush (available with black brush upon request). Other finishes supplied with black brush.
  • All brush seals greatly reduce the infiltration of light, air, wind, rain, and snow; prevent heat loss; control the penetration of smoke and fumes.
  • Brush remains flexible down to -40°F and has a melting point above 400°F.
  • UV stabilized, dependable, long-lasting, cost-effective.
  • Nylon brush insert is designated by a undefinedNBundefined following the finish code.
Pemko Manufacturing Company, Inc. Pemko Door Bottom Sweep with Rain Drip, Mill Finish Aluminum with Gray Vinyl Insert, 0.5" W x 1.5" H x 36" L
BISS (Pemko Manufacturing Company, Inc.)
  • Door bottom sweep with vinyl insert fills up to 1/4 gaps
  • Fits doors up to 36 wide
  • Supplied in mill finish aluminum with integrated raindrip helps to seal against air, dust, water and sound
  • Most effective when mounted on exterior of outswinging doors

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  • Avatar maxton What is a good quality patio door?
    Apr 06, 2009 by maxton | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The doors should be swinging, energy efficient and able to take direct expousre to heavy rain, high humidty and direct sun in typical for the US gulf states area. There is no overhang to protect the doors. I need a door material that can mount wooden blinds to cover the door window.

    • Go with aluminum clad exterior, and either unfinished or primed inside, depending on whether your trim is stained or painted. Marvin makes an excellent door. I have French doors going out to my deck, both doors operate, and I bought the screen kit to go with it. It's a quality product, and I recommend it highly. Hope this helps.