Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors

Custom Pella Wood and Aluminum-Clad Wood Doors


A wide variety of grille options are available to meet any historical or contemporary design objective and budget requirement, including custom patterns:

  • Integral Light Technology® (ILT) grilles
  • Grilles-between-the-glass
  • Removable interior wood grilles

Some examples of the types, profiles and patterns are shown below.

7/8" Integral Light Technology® Grilles

1-1/4" Integral Light Technology Grilles

2" Integral Light Technology Grilles

1-1/4" Removable Interior Grilles

3/4" Removable Interior Wood Grilles

3/4" Aluminum Grilles-Between-The-Glass


Thermwell Prods. Co. Thermwell Y3750 1/2-Inch x 37-Inch Vinyl "Y" Shaped Storm Door Bottom Replacement Insert For Aluminum Storm Doors, Gray
Home Improvement (Thermwell Prods. Co.)
  • Thermwell #Y3750 37 Grey Storm DR Bottom

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Help me find a wooden storm/screen door?

I hate BB guns.
I'm in need of a new storm door.
My requirements are that it is solid wood and can be painted to match the rest of my vintage home. It must have a tempered glass panel that I can swap with a screen for the summer, or leave out to hand out Halloween candy. The opening for the glass should about 3/4 of the door height or greater.
I have had on or installed these on several of my houses over the last 20 years. However, I have called all of the local building supply stores and a few door stores in the Chicago area and no one has one that meets my needs

Good storm windows. Windows leak

Alot of heat. In the big older homes with lots of glass it can be expensive even for the medium grade aluminum "triple-track" storms, but you have to have them. Proper fitting storm doors on the exterior doors are also a must.
The newer winterising film that attaches to the inside of the frame with tape then are strecthed tight with the heat from a hair dryer are ugly but will save big bucks in heat cost trough a long tough winter. They are a few bucks per window ,usually last all winter and make a noticable difference both in livability [no cold draft] and in heat bills.
Weatgerstrip the exterior doors and get bottom sweeps too

After gold, silver, and copper, aluminum has

The highest thermal conductivity among metals.
The glass also has high conductivity. So, from a conduction standpoint, the combination is terrible.
However, most heat or cooling is lost from a house by leakage. A well fitting storm door could greatly reduce leakage and be well worth it from that standpoint.
It could also create or capture a dead air space between the two doors. Dead air spaces make good insulators. To minimized convection, or thermally induced air current, the doors should be only about half an inch apart.

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How To Install a Storm Door The …
Storm Door Panel Clip (625731)‪
Storm Door Panel Clip (625731)‪

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