Aluminium Security Doors, Protecting Family's for more than 20 years.

Is there anything more important than you family's security? We provide a good range of Aluminium Security Doors which provide protection for your family.

All of our Aluminium Security doors are made from a high strength extruded aluminium frame, Lockwood 8654 double deadlock with dual select, metal door closer and aluminium mesh as standard features you should find our aluminium security doors one of the best priced value for money security options on the market.

Additional features may include;

  • Tuffscreen
  • Limited vision mesh
  • Triple locking mechanism




All of our Aluminium Security Doors are available in the following profiles. For colour selections, please contact our sales team for more information.


Protecting Families for more than 20 Years!

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Aluminium Security Doors
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A127 STANDARD DIAMOND Aluminium Security Doors Our Security Door Options

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Window pane / dead bolt fix ?

Dear all
my key got jammed and broke off inside the deadbolt - so how do i fix it ?
FWiW i have 3 dead bolt locks installed in my hse but for some reason two of them which are installed on wooden doors have been practically unusable.
The one installed on the metal door works fine and has never given me any problems - they were all bought together and are made by Schlage
anyway i didnt want to drill the lock so i tried to get in through the kitchen window ... and ended up breaking it !
it was mounted on one of those ancient aluminium sliding frames - so

ONMG Deerfield Sliding Glass Door Deadbolt Lock (Aluminum Frame - White)
Home Improvement (ONMG)
  • Zinc casting with powder-coating and hardened lock pin
  • Fits MOST aluminum sliding glass doors, pocket doors, and wood doors
  • Prevents sliding glass doors from being lifted off the track
  • Adapter available for bronze or wooden sliders
  • Easy to install, patented and made in the USA
Amplimesh Security Doors
Amplimesh Security Doors

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  • Avatar Ian Is it worth replacing a sliding aluminium security door with a more modern stronger one?
    Aug 03, 2012 by Ian | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    Hi all,

    I live in a block of units and own my unit. I live in the first floor so I'm above ground level but not very far at all really.

    I have a balcony with, at the moment, a diamond aluminium … Would you bother? The area I live in isn't a crime hotspot (Campsie NSW) but I'm at work all day and I dread the thought of someone breaking in - I've already had new good locks installed.


    • I imagine it's still harder to break than a window, and chances are if burglars are going to break something to get in, they'll break whatever is in the most secluded area. if this door is out in the open and generally visible, it's about as safe as a window. if it's in a hidden area where someone might have some privacy to try smashing it down... it might be worth replacing it.