Upgrading uPVC door locks

If you have an average uPVC door with a multi point lock, there are now many ways to enhance the security of your property to protect from the growing trends of gaining entry through uPVC doors.

Cusworth Locksmiths Wilmslow can offer cost effective solutions, including replacing the handles for security versions. In most cases, no other modifications are necessary.

The handles are designed to protect against all of the most likely attack methods likely to be used by a burglar. The main defences are:-

  • fixing screws have a larger cross sectional area (M6 hardened)
  • the fixing screws screw into hard steel inserts rather than aluminium used in most standard door furniture
  • the outer handle is machined from a billet of aluminium, rather than a thin casting or extrusion
  • the cylinder is protected from attack by a rose and hardened disc covering the plug
  • “secured by design” status

Source: cusworth.net

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Window pane / dead bolt fix ?

Dear all
my key got jammed and broke off inside the deadbolt - so how do i fix it ?
FWiW i have 3 dead bolt locks installed in my hse but for some reason two of them which are installed on wooden doors have been practically unusable.
The one installed on the metal door works fine and has never given me any problems - they were all bought together and are made by Schlage
anyway i didnt want to drill the lock so i tried to get in through the kitchen window ... and ended up breaking it !
it was mounted on one of those ancient aluminium sliding frames - so

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  • Avatar DT I am looking for an internal door, which operates like a shutter - are these available?
    Jul 01, 2007 by DT | Posted in Cameras
    • They make bi-fold doors. Most people use these for closets, but I have seen people use them on their laundry room doors and such as well.

      I found this site that has aluminum ones for outdoor use...
      site has nothing but bi-fold doors--both inside and outside...